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Happy Wednesday!!

With this being my second official blog post, I thought what better topic to discuss than something I hold near and dear to my heart…skincare.

Trying out different skincare products is something that I love doing, but over the years I have learned that not all products are going to work for my skin. In order for you to understand my skin I’ll give you the quick facts.

I would classify my skin type as combination (an oily T-zone with the rest of my face normal/dry).

Like most people, my skin gets dry to very dry in the winter and is in desperate need of a big gulp of hydration once the cold weather kicks in.

Throughout high school & college, I was fortunate enough to experience skin that wasn’t prone to a lot of acne. I had my typical breakouts when Mother Nature visited, but other than that my skin was fairly clear.

With all of the basic facts about my skin out of the way, let’s dive into the products that keep my skin calm, clear, and hydrated. Although these products work for me, they may not work for you and that’s okay. Clear skin does not happen overnight, but over time after sticking to a routine and products that work for you you will notice results.

Here is my skin today with no makeup and freshly washed.


Let’s begin with the morning because that makes the most sense 🙂

Morning Skincare Products:

That’s it for my morning skincare products. Through trial and error, I’ve learned that sometimes less really is more and I’ve noticed that when I slough on too many products my skin can get irritated and rebel against me and my attempt to do good really just does harm.

My morning routine has been working for my skin and that’s why I stick to it, but I love trying out new things so if there is anything that really works for you, share! The Burt’s Bees cleanser is nice and gentle for my skin and I do notice a brightening effect from it after continued use.

The Olay moisturizer is really great. The bottle may look small but a little bit goes a long way and it really gets the job done. I’ve been on my first bottle for months! I have been testing out the LANEIGE Water Bank Moisture Cream and so far so good. I don’t mind it on days when I’m not wearing makeup, but when I do wear makeup I feel as though it makes me oily quicker than when I use my Olay moisturizer. If I have more to report on this cream, I will do so in a later post.

Lastly, the e.l.f eye cream is alright. I just needed something cheap (because I’m balling on a budget) and hydrating. It definitely hydrates my under-eyes, not so sure about the whole “illuminating” effect though. Once I run out of my jar that I have I will probably switch to something a little more brightening, so again if you know of some sort of magical eye cream, do tell!

Time to move on to the night time routine…

Nighttime Skincare Products:

That’s it, folks! I like to keep my routine short and sweet. Occasionally I like to add in a lip conditioner — right now I am loving the LANIEGE Lip Sleeping Mask

It is super hydrating and you get a lot of product, plus it smells amazing! I also love pampering myself with a good ole face mask once or twice a week. Currently I have been trying out the Cold Plunge Pore Mask by Ole Henriksen and it’s good. I don’t get those “WOW!” results, but its a good pore sucking mask. To be honest, I was sucked in to getting this mask from the beauty gurus on YouTube.

Before I wrap this up, I just want to go over my nighttime products and break them down for you.

So I would say that the Clarisonic has single-handedly been the game changer in my skincare routine. I never travel without this guy, and I rarely, if ever, wash my face without this baby. I use the sensitive brush heads and if you click here you can find brush heads for SUPER cheap (the website may seem slightly suspect, but trust me, I’ve ordered from here and the brush heads are just like the ones you can get from Ulta/Sephora). If you would like to me to go more in-depth about the Clarisonic, I would be happy to, just leave a comment!

The next game changer in my skincare routine…CeraVe hydrating face cleanser! This cleanser is amazing. I truly don’t know what it is about this stuff, but it keeps my skin clear and hydrated and my face never feels stripped after washing. I just put one pump of this on my Clarisonic and let those two products do all the work.

Quick story regarding this cleanser…

There was a time when I was trying numerous different products and slowly my skin started to HATE me. I was getting little bumps all over my skin and I could not get them to go away. Long story short, I decided to switch back to this cleanser and I’m not even joking, the NEXT day the bumps had pretty much gone completely away. This cleanser is my saving grace and I will always know that it has my back. I was recommended this product by my dermatologist and I swear by it!

The CeraVe PM moisturizer isn’t nearly as amazing as its sibling, but it’s still pretty decent. I wouldn’t mind a product with slightly more hydration, but this one works for now. This moisturizer is almost light enough that you could use it as a day cream (which I’ve done before) and it works nicely that way too.

Okay! We have reached the end! If you held on with me throughout this post, then kudos to you and much appreciation from me. If there is anything you want to share, or any questions you have for me, leave me a comment. I would happy to clarify anything!

“Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.” – Erno Laszlo

See you on Sunday!


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  2. December 20, 2018 / 9:23 am

    Hi Kendall! Amazing blog post✨😊 I loveee reading about skin care routines and you have some products that I really want to try! First off your skin is amazing and I can tell you really do value taking care of if. I’ve tried eye creams in the past but never stuck with them. I’ll definitely have to go back and give them another try because I think they really did work for me! Also, I’ve heard wonderful things about the la neige lip sleeping mask!! I really want to give that a try too. I’ve certainly learned about some new products while reading this post. So great!!

    • December 20, 2018 / 9:40 am

      Camille, I’m so glad you learned about some new products!!! Thank you for the compliment 🙂 I do really value my skin because makeup only looks good if you have a nice base underneath!! I’ve been loving the lip mask. It smells so good and really hydrated my lips, especially during these winter months!! Glad we could connect!!!

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