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Hello hello! This Sunday’s blog post is going to a quick holiday gift guide for the special people in your life. I hope that the gift ideas that I mentioned below can help you in your pursuit of the perfect gift! The gifts I mentioned range in price, so it can accommodate even the tightest of spending budgets! Let’s begin…

For the person who loves jewelry and wants some everyday pieces, I present to you Uncommon James! UJ is a jewelry and home goods company that was created by Kristin Cavallari. The pieces are timeless and delicate. I was recently gifted an UJ necklace for my birthday, and I love it! It is a great layering piece or a nice piece to wear daily.

Uncommon James has rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. The prices range between $38-$78 and most of the pieces have the option to come in gold, silver or rose gold. Below I’ve added some of my favorite pieces!

For the makeup lover in your life, I highly suggest the Toasted palette by Tarte, but you can read more about that here. If your special someone already has every makeup product imaginable, then a great gift would be new makeup brushes. As a makeup lover myself, getting new makeup brushes is just as exciting as new makeup. I would recommend getting a brush set because you get more bang for your buck and it makes a great gift! Some great quality brushes can range from $15-$58. Currently on Ulta, there are sales going on on brush sets, so don’t wait! Below are some brush sets that I personally would be thrilled to receive and where you can find them!

As a true crime addict, I recently read “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark” by Michelle McNamara and guys, if you love true crime or know someone that loves true crime you NEED this book. Something about the way it was written and  how Michelle talks about the Golden State Killer’s crimes and the victims involved makes you truly feel apart of this case. I’m not surprised that this was a winner of a the best non-fiction book for 2018. I read this book in 2 and a half days, so really run, don’t walk to your nearest Barnes and Noble and get this for your true crime addict! 

Let’s move on to the person in your life that is environmentally friendly and in desperate search of a glass water bottle that its cute and functional (we all have someone like that, right?!). I introduce to you a company called BKR. These stylish water bottles come in 3 sizes: teeny (250 mL), little (500 mL), and big (1L). This bottle is pretty pricey for a glass water bottle depending on what size you go with. The prices range from $28-$60 and that’s just for an individual bottle, but they are so worth it in my opinion! The thing I really love about my BKR is how simple, yet chic it is. Each bottle has a silicone sleeve around the outside protecting the bottle and they have a bunch of different colors to choose from! They are currently having a warehouse sale on their website and select bottles are 40% off! I was gifted my BKR from my boyfriend and he got it through Amazon, so if you’re an avid Amazon shopper, you can get it there too! bkr BPA-Free Silicone Sleeve Glass Water Bottle, 16oz / 500 ml – Pout – Opaque Light Pink *this is an affiliate link

This next gift is for the yogi/aspiring yogi in your life. Now i’lll make my disclaimer here, I work for Lululemon and I’m not paid to try and sell people on their products, I’m talking about them because they truly ARE amazing and make great gifts! Okay, now that that is out there, let’s get on with it, shall we? If you have someone in your life who is into working out and likes to do anything physical (or just love some comfy pants) then they would be THRILLED with a gift from Lululemon! (If you don’t have a yogi your life, you can still get a workout enthusiast something from Lululemon – the products that I’m mentioning below are just geared toward yogi’s).For the yogi/aspiring yogi, I suggest one of our yoga mats in the 5mm reversible style. This way if they prefer either hot or regular yoga, they can use their mat for it because it has both capabilities! Now, if they already have a mat they love, then the next best thing are some pants! We have the most buttery soft pant that is breathable, sweat-wicking, and doesn’t distract you during your practice. The Align Pant comes in a crop length, 7/8 (which is near the ankle), and a full length. They range from $88-98. Pricey, but totally and completely worth it. 

Let’s keep it moving folks with a gift for the person in your life who has all the Lululemon clothes imaginable, and has a yoga mat, and has running shoes, etc. You may be wondering, “what more could they need??” Well I’m here to tell you that they NEED an Apple Watch! I currently have an Apple Watch and I love it. It motivates me to get up and get moving. If they have an Apple Watch already, a nice new band would be a great gift! You can get Apple Watch bands at various locations, but I have two one from the Apple store and another from Target. I’m going to be completely transparent with you and say that I love my band from Target wayyy more than my Apple store one and you’ll save a lot more by going to Target. Target carries a brand called heyday and they have bands, watch bumpers, charger cords, and phone cases. And if you are anything like me and want all of your accessories to match, heyday has you covered because they have the same solid colors throughout all their products! 

If you are still with me, hang on for a little bit longer. We have 2 more gift ideas left!! Up next, we have a gift for the traveler in your life. A new set of luggage would be an amazing gift, but sometimes we don’t have that kind of money to spend, so a more budget friendly option would be a nice weekender bag! I’ve noticed a gap in my own traveling luggage for a bag that can be used for quick trips or trips where I need to pack more than a small suitcase can fit and less than a big one. You can find weekender bags in many different places and they can range from a little to a lot, so it just depends on your budget and the gift receivers taste. There are some really great bags from DSW and they can range from $24-$65. Below are a few that I really like! 

WOOHOO! We made it to the last gift! So this gift is pretty pricey, BUT like everything else that I’ve mentioned above TOTALLY WORTH IT. With that being said, the final gift is for someone who takes pride in their skincare routine and/or someone that might suffer from annoying breakouts. I mentioned this product in an older post but it is a Clarisonic! I added a Clarisonic into my skincare regimen about 3 years ago (I think?) and guys, it changed my skin! The Clarisonic really reduced the occurrence of breakouts and my skin rarely breaks out now. I have the Mia 2, which you can purchase here. There is also a Mia 1 and the differences between the two is the Mia 1 has 1 speed and the 2 has 2, and the Mia 2 is $40 more. Clarisonic also carries Mia Prima, Mia Smart, Mia Fit and Alpha Fit (for the men in your life). I could go into more detail regarding the differences between the different brush heads, and devices, but that is what their website is for 🙂 I’m telling you, I was so thrilled to receive a Clarisonic and I never wash my face without it! 

So there you have it! I hope that that helps you figure out gifts for the special people in your life. The products that I mentioned above are all gifts that I have either received (and loved) or gifts that I would be ecstatic to receive! I know how stressful shopping for your loved ones can be because you want to get the most perfect gift, but just remember that its not the gifts that matter during this time of year, but rather the time you spend with loved ones and the memories that you make that will last longer than any gift. I hope you all have a great holiday and enjoy your family! 

The best gifts in the world are not in the material objects one can buy from the store, but in the memories we make with the people we love. 

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