5 Fun Date Ideas

During the holidays, we tend to get preoccupied with decorating, traveling, working, or baking that sometimes our relationships can take the back burner. It’s important to make time in our busy schedules for our significant other! Below I talk about 5 date ideas that may or may not be a regular in your date routine! Either way, give it a read, maybe you’ll discover something new. 

Hot Chocolate and Christmas Lights

Grab your to-go cups full of hot chocolate, add in some marshmallows and hop in your car (or if it’s not too cold, walk around your neighborhood). This is a fun, festive (and inexpensive) way to spend some one-on-one time with your partner. As kids, my mom would do this with us, so for me, this is a nice way to share a slice of my childhood with my partner. 

Get Sweaty Together 

As a lover of fitness, of course I’m going to have one of my date ideas involve fitness! Sometimes we don’t have the ability to carve out a night to go on a date, but who says dates need to be at night anyway? Sign up for a class together in the morning and then grab a coffee after! You’ll feel better after getting a workout in and you’ll get a chance to see your boyfriend/girlfriend! Sounds like a win-win to me! 

Cook Together

I know I’m not the best cook in the world, but my most favorite times with my boyfriend are when we are cooking dinner together. It’s something so simple (and necessary ’cause we all gotta eat!), but it can be a lot of fun when you do it with your partner. There are subscription programs like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Plated, and more that even take out the hassle of getting ingredients and figuring out what to cook and just deliver it to your door! There is just something so rewarding when you create a delicious dish as a team with your partner! So put on that apron and get cooking! 

Be a Tourist in Your Own City

This one is super simple and can be inexpensive. I’m sure that you don’t know or haven’t been to all of the areas of your city, so get out there and explore together! This can be super fun and can lead you to finding a new favorite place together! I’ve done this with my boyfriend and it always ends up being a great day. It’s nice to have a plan, but sometimes it is more exciting not to. Just pick the area you want to explore and go for it!

Netflix and Chill (But For Real)

The final date idea is one that my boyfriend and I incorporate a lot into our date night rotation and that is the ever popular, Netflix and Chill. This version of Netflix and chill is the one where you actually watch movies and actually just chill together 😉 . I like to make my version of N&C be cell-phone free because I want to really enjoy my time spent with my partner. Nothing beats this as a date night because you can be with each other in the comfort of your home with some sweatpants on, pizza and some sort of candy (preferably sour if you’re anything like me 🙂 )

There ya have it! Some easy, inexpensive, and fun ways to switch up your date night! Let me know what is your favorite idea and whether or not you and your partner already do some of the ideas mentioned above! 

See you on Sunday!! 

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