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So this is going to be a new segment on my blog and I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the name, so for now it’s taking a trial run. This ‘pick up or pass’ portion on my blog will be all about my reviews of products and I will let you know whether or not I think you should pick them up from your local Ulta, Sephora, Target, whatever, or pass on them and try something else! 

For today’s first official pick up or pass review, I am going to be talking all about Physicians Formula’s newest foundation: The Healthy foundation. I have been testing out this foundation for, I want to say, about 2 months now, so I feel confident in my opinion of it enough to share it with all of you. 

$14.95 (on PF’s website) $12.99 (Ulta) $8.39-$12.99 (Target)

Shade Range: C

C’mon Physician’s Formula, it’s practically 2019, let’s step up that shade range game. This foundation has 16 shades to choose from and they are broken down into skin tone:  light, medium, dark, and deep and undertone: cool, warm, and neutral. I appreciate that this foundation takes into consideration the different undertones that a person’s skin can have and they make it nice and easy to understand by putting, for example, a “LC1” on the bottle to indicate that it would be for a light and cool toned person. With that being said, I choose the shade LN3, because I have no idea what my undertone is so I always choose neutral when available. 

Bottle/Appearance: A-

I must say, this bottle looks pretty luxe for a drugstore foundation, giving it an A- rating. The minus comes from the doe foot applicator that is inside the bottle. I would have much rather preferred a pump, simply for sanitary reasons. The bottle has a nice weight to it and comes in a sturdy glass bottle. All around great packaging.

Finished Look: A+++

This foundation makes my skin look dewy and glowy and radiant and simply beautiful. This foundation truly lives up to its name as being the healthy foundation. My skin looks so healthy and delicious when I wear this I can’t get enough of it! There has not been a single time since I’ve been using this product where I’ve looked in the mirror when I complete my makeup application and thought, “this doesn’t look good today.” Literally not once. I’m always so satisfied with the way my skin looks with this foundation after immediate application. With all this greatness being said, let’s wrap up with the final review category: the wear.

The Wear: C+

It really kills me to give such an average rating for this foundation, but the longevity is just not there. This is not going to be your go-to for a festival, or working a double waiting tables. Unfortunately, this foundation will not hold up all day. If you are oily, I would suggest a mattifying primer, setting powder, and a prayer to the makeup gods that it lasts all day. It’s such a shame because it looks absolutely stunning after immediate application. If you are dry though, this foundation might become your holy grail. I will wear this to work, and after hour 3 or 4 I have to go to the bathroom and blot my face because it makes me get overly dewy. But ladies and gents I would blot all throughout the day to get those few hours of makeup gold. 

Pick up or Pass?

Absolutely pick up this foundation and give it a try! Just be warned that it may not hold up for a full day wear, but you will love the way this foundation looks after immediate application. 

Have you tried out this foundation? What are your thoughts? If you liked this segment and want to continue seeing other pick up or pass reviews give this post a ‘like.’ 

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    • December 17, 2018 / 10:35 am

      I’m obsessed with their bronzer!! In my ‘holy grail makeup’ post I talk about that bronzer, as well as, the other makeup products I’m loving right now!

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