Holy Grail Makeup Brushes

Happy Sunday!! I cannot believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Where did the time go? I swear it feels like I was just finishing up grad school and embarking on the job journey.

But here we are, practically six months later and I couldn’t be happier with where I ended up.

Anyway, let’s get in to the reason that you clicked on this post: my holy grail makeup brushes.

When it comes to brushes, there is not just 1 way that they can be used, so if something isn’t working for you the way it was originally intended, then try using it in a different way and see if you get the results you want.

Similar to my Holy Grail Makeup post, I am going to go through my brushes starting with the face and work my way to the eyes.

Sidenote: All the links that are associated with the products are tagged at Ulta, unless Ulta does not carry the product then the link will be the product’s official website. There are other stores that carry the products, I just chose Ulta because it is my favorite place to get these products.

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Face Brushes: Foundation/Concealer

Let’s start with the brush/sponge I use to apply my foundation.

When I am applying a foundation that is a little thicker, or I want more coverage I will use the F80 Flat Kabuki. This brush is very good and it’s no surprise that it is an Allure winner. I use the F80 when I use the Tarte foundation that I mentioned in my holy grail makeup post. It blends out the foundation seamlessly and doesn’t leave any streaks.

Now, the Real Techniques complexion sponge is great for when you are wanting a lighter coverage, because the sponge sheers out the foundation. Make sure to put this sponge under water to help it expand and become soft and bouncy. I love using the sponge because it doesn’t take much precision and it helps prevent foundation from looking too cakey or heavy on the skin. I use this sponge for my concealer too. I typically buy my sponges at Ulta and they usually have packs with 3 or more, which help you save some money!

Face Brushes: Powder

So I’ve been using the same powder brush for a couple years now, and I don’t think picking the perfect powder brush is that important. Because we tend to just brush powder all over our face, without real rhyme or reason, I don’t think that you should stress over a powder brush. This is the brush that I’ve been using:

This brush is nice, affordable and soft. It gets the job done. I don’t think you should spend a ridiculous amount on a powder brush because it’s job isn’t too intense. I do use my RT complexion sponge to set my under eye concealer with powder, but for all over my face this works just fine.

Face Brushes: Bronzer

Although we are currently in a contour phase of beauty, I don’t contour. I just use my bronzer and pinch the hairs of my brush to get a more defined look.

So, here is a perfect example of not using brushes for what they are intended to be used for. I use this brush for bronzer. I find that when I used it for blush, I didn’t like the results, so I tried something else and BOOM! it became useful again! This brush works really well for bronzer because of the way it tapers and comes to a soft point at the top. It also isn’t too large, so It helps to prevent me from getting bronzer all over the sides of my face when I get a little heavy handed 🙂 Also, like I mentioned above, I like to pinch the bristles at the top to create a more defined ‘contoured’ type look.

Face Brushes: Blush

For a while, I used my Morphe E4 for blush, but it broke and I haven’t gotten a new one, but when I did have it, it worked really well. The IT Cosmetics brush isn’t the exact same one I am using currently, but it is really similar and I like it a lot. It doesn’t deposit too much product and it gives a my cheeks a soft and subtle look.

Face Brushes: Highlighter

I know that you may be annoyed that I’m talking about another Real Techniques brush, but they just make some really good and affordable brushes.

So here we are again, using a brush in a way that it wasn’t intended! Woo! Innovation! I like to use this brush for highlighter and it works really well! I like to dip the brush into the product at an angle instead of dipping the top of the brush right into the product. I find that that helps me place the highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones with control.

So there you have it for my holy grail face brushes! Time to move on to the eyes, hang in there!

Eye Brushes: All Over Shadow

So similar to the powder brush, I don’t feel as though the all over shadow brush matters a whole lot. The brush I have I’ve had for years and years and don’t think it is even available anymore. I suggest just finding an affordable brush at your local Ulta/Target/Rite Aid/etc.

This isn’t the brush that I use for an all over shadow, but it is very similar. I typically use a brush like this to just put a light skin tone shade all over my lid to set my concealer before I go in with my crease shades.

Eye Brushes: Transition

Right now, I have been LOVING this big fluffy brush from Morphe.

This brush is perfect for sweeping a light color into the crease of your eye. It makes it quick and easy! When you look at this brush, you might think that it is too big to be a crease brush, but it is honestly perfect! When I use a transition shade, I tend to not care as much about where it goes, as long as it is in the crease, so this is perfect for doing it quickly and this brush is super affordable. Another transition brush that I have been using interchangeably with the M504 is the Morphe M441.

This brush is more tapered than the M504, so it has more precision to it. I really like this brush for transition shades or using colors that are slightly deeper than a transition.

So, now that we have our transition shades in the crease, we will move on to adding some depth with these next brushes.

Eye Brushes: Crease

I have two brushes to talk about for the crease. Both are from Morphe, and both are great!

Both of these come to a point at the top, making it super simple to get color directly in the crease. Lately, I’ve been loving the M330 because it tucks so nicely in my crease, so it takes like 5 minutes to do my natural, everyday eye look.

Eye Brushes: Outer Corner

When I do a smokey eye look, I always use this brush on the outer corner with a dark shade to add some depth to the look.

I know this brush practically looks identical to the M441, but it is completely different, trust me! I like using this brush at an angle and using the side of the bristles because it fits nicely in the outer corner of my eye.

Eye Brushes: Liner

So once again, I have two brushes to talk about. One is slightly unconventional and the other is by Morphe (shocker).

You guys, if you are in need of a liner brush, this brush is amazing! It’s super tiny, which makes it easy to create a really straight line. I like to use this with gel liner because it allows me to have a lot of control and precision. Now, the other brush I want to talk about is a brush from Michael’s or any local craft store.

I don’t have a picture to add of the brush I use, but I just went into the Michael’s by my house and picked up a basic angled brush. I want to say it was around $5 and it works great! I like to use this brush for liner, but with shadow. If you are having trouble finding a good angle brush, try out a paint brush and see if you like those results!

That about sums up my holy grail makeup brushes. I don’t use all of these brushes every single day because it depends on the look I’m going for that day, but these are my go-to brushes and they are always there to help me achieve any look!

Are there any brushes that I mentioned above that you use?? What are some of your holy grail makeup brushes??

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