Vision Board Basics

Happy Sunday!!! Since we are quickly approaching the new year, I thought it was a perfect time to talk about a vision board. In this post, I wanted to go over what exactly a vision board is, how to create one, and how to achieve the life that you desire.

So when I first looked into vision boards and how to create one, the motivation stemmed from my lack of direction. I was at a point in my life where I felt like I was in some sort of weird limbo. I just finished my master’s and I was on what felt like an endless search for a job. I spent most of my days searching and applying for jobs, watching tv and occasionally working out. It felt like my day went on for forever and I had no real direction of what to do next.

This is the point in my life when I began reading self-help books because I was hoping that within those books I would have a lightbulb moment that would help me make a decision for my future. Not to ruin the ending, but I never had a lightbulb moment. I never had a moment while reading those self-help books that I thought to myself, ‘this is what I’ve been searching for,’ and because that moment never came, I knew I had to do more.

After many searches into Google about the benefits of visualization, manifestation, journaling, and vision boards, I decided to try it out myself.

But before I started doing all this research I had to overcome my own feelings toward visualization, manifestation, and vision boards. Let me first mention that I am a positive person and I am very open to trying new things. I try to refrain from making judgements about anything until I’ve tried it out for myself.

When I started my research, I initially thought that there was no way that this stuff could work. Meanwhile, I didn’t realize that I was already putting some of these things into practice. I have visualized things about my life that ultimately became a reality, so why not do it for my future goals and aspirations?

Before I dive into how to create a vision board and the benefits of creating one, I want to touch on what exactly a vision board is.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a combination of words, phrases, quotes, photos, magazine clippings, and/or people that inspire you and motivate you. Essentially a vision board is meant to push you to become the version of yourself that you wish to become. For instance, I love Kristin Cavallari and admire her as a woman and entrepreneur so I have a picture of her. I also have a section of places I want to travel to because that is something that I really want to do more of when I have the money to do so. A vision board should be a reminder of the goals and plans you have made for yourself.

At Lululemon, we have goals that are set for our sales each day. Then we have a goal that is slightly higher than our projected goal and THEN we have one more goal that is almost out of reach, but if we get that goal we will have gone above and beyond. THAT is how I like to think of a vision board. It should be a compilation of goals that may not be attainable in a year or even two, but 5, 10 years from now you can look back at your board (if you choose to keep it) and see the progress that you made and how you actually were able to reach those goals that you once thought were crazy.

Once you have a clear idea of WHAT a vision board is and know what goals you are going to include, then comes the fun part! The creative process.

How do I Create a Vision Board?

This part of the process is really up to you and how you like to work. When I created my vision board, I broke it up into categories: fitness, travel, future home, career and quotes.

I wanted my board to encompass the varying aspects of my life where I set goals for myself and how I could take those goals and make them visions. So for example, my board includes images that focus on yoga because I wanted that to be something that I focused more on and sure enough I have been regularly attending hot yoga classes in my area.

My board also includes images of the home I would like to have in the future. This is clearly not something that I will be able to attain in a year or two, maybe not even 5 years from now, but my dream home is something that I am working toward and I have that on my board as a reminder of where I’m going.

Before I created my board, I had to pick up my supplies, which included:

  • Scissors
  • A board
  • Push pins
  • Images

I got my board from HomeGoods and I love it. It is nicer than your average bulletin board because I wanted something that I could use over and over again. I think I spent like $25 on my board, so if you want something cheaper by all means, do you. I just wanted it to be a representation of my future and it is a lot prettier to look at.

I got push pins that have a small little pearl on the top, because again I wanted it to be pretty. I believe I got a pack of 100 from Walmart, but I can’t remember the price.

Lastly and most importantly, the images. I don’t have any magazines lying around and didn’t want to buy magazines strictly to cut them up, so I just printed out images instead. I went on Pinterest and searched every little thing that I wanted to put on my board. This was definitely the most fun part of the process. I also gave my board a theme, which isn’t necessary but adds to the appearance. My board has shades of pink throughout, so when I went to find a certain quote I tried to find ones that had a pink background or pink lettering. I wanted the board to look cohesive and organized because who wants to look at a board that is cluttered? Not me.

So after you have everything you could possibly need, put on some Netflix, music, or a podcast and start making that board! When I created my board, it took me about a week and a half to really finish it, so if you don’t complete it in one sitting, that’s fine! Play around with the way it looks and figure out where you want to place your images. Once you have everything done, hang it up in a place that you see regularly. For me, I have it on the wall across from my bed, so I see my board every time I wake up and every time I go to bed.

Having your board somewhere where you can see it is obviously helpful because it keeps those goals in front of your face and it keeps your working toward them.

My Vision Board 2018

Okay, so now we know what a vision board is and how to create one, but there is one lingering question that needs to be answered…

How Does a Vision Board Work?

This is probably the most important question that needs to be addressed because we don’t want to put in all this time and effort for something that won’t help us, right?

Well, there isn’t a science behind a vision board, but there are stories by real people that you can find all over Google to support the benefit of mapping out your goals and essentially visualizing what you want for yourself.

At work one day, we were talking about manifesting certain things for our life, and I truly believe that that is something that is 100% possible. A little story that has to do with manifestation and how when you believe something is possible and can happen can help it actually happen…

It was the end of summer and I was about to head back to school in about a week or so to start my junior year of college and at this point of my life I had been single for the first two years of college and was ready to meet someone and have a boyfriend again. The night or so before I was going to be heading back I saw my first shooting star, and I wished that I would meet someone (I know I’m lame 🙂 ). I truly believed that I was going to meet someone. I didn’t think that it would happen as fast as it did (I met my current boyfriend the first weekend back at school, and we’ve been together for over 3 years), but I had this overwhelming feeling that I knew I was going to meet someone because I was ready and it was the right time and viola! John walks into my life. When we put things out into the universe (whether that be through good vibes, thoughts, positive words, etc.) we help to make them a reality.

I know this story may sound like a romantic comedy, but it actually happened and I really believe that when you visualize what you want it can happen for you! So, creating a vision board helps with that. When you create the life that you want and you have clear goals set, you are one step closer to accomplishing those goals.

With the New Year right around the corner, now is the time to revisit and reevaluate the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year and see what we want to accomplish during 2019.

If any of you have had success with your vision board, please share below!! Also, if you have any questions, just let me know! I hope you all have a great day or night wherever you are!


  1. December 31, 2018 / 9:20 am

    Such an awesome timely post! I haven’t made a non-digital vision board but it’s something I definitely want to do going into the new year. Love the look of yours – and the frame really puts it over the top!

    • December 31, 2018 / 5:50 pm

      Thank you!! Yeah putting it in a pretty frame makes it a lot nicer to look at and it adds a fun element to my room! Plus it helps me envision my future goals so it’s a win win!

  2. xoletsgetlost
    December 31, 2018 / 5:49 pm

    I need to make a 2019 visionboard. I’ve always wanted to! I love yours! thanks for sharing ♥️

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