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Happy New Year!! I still can’t get over the fact that we just entered the year 2019. 2018 flew by and I must say, it was a pretty good year. I became an aunt again to my sister’s adorable daughter, I traveled to Nashville, Charlotte, and Dewey Beach, Delaware, I completed my master’s, I got to be in my sister’s wedding, I started a job at Lululemon, and I started this blog. Looking back on 2018, it was definitely a year of growth, change, new opportunities, love, and happiness.

In the year 2019, I hope for new challenges and new opportunities to grow as a person. My last post was all about vision boards and how amazing they can be for achieving goals, but I will still be setting resolutions for myself because the more I put my goals out into the universe the more I hold myself accountable for them and see them through.

Resolution #1: Be a Better Friend

If you know me, you know that I struggle to keep in contact with people. I am very much a “in the current moment” type of friend. I have a great time with you when we are in person, but I struggle to keep up with that friendship outside of those moments. This year I will be a better friend and I will push myself to keep up with old friends and make sure to check in more often.

Resolution #2: Read 12 Books

I’ve been on a reading kick lately, and was gifted some pretty awesome books for Christmas, so I don’t think this resolution will be hard to keep. I love reading and I really want to make it more of a hobby in the new year. Nothing beats starting the day with a good book and a hot cup of coffee.

Resolution #3: Prioritize My Blog

I started my blog toward the end of 2018, so in this new year, I will make my blog a top priority. I really want my blog to become a space where I can meet new people and share my thoughts with others. I’m so glad that I took the leap and stepped outside of my comfort zone and created Keeping up with Kendall. I’m so thankful for the support that I’ve received thus far and I appreciate the feedback and comments because they only make me work harder and be better.

Resolution #4: Save More Money!

This year, I will make a conscious effort to save money and reduce my spending. I currently have a student loan to pay each month and in a month or so, the second loan will go into affect. I’ve been trying to save each paycheck, which is a good start, but I really need to spend less.

Resolution #5: Be Authentically and Unapologetically Me

This resolution started to take affect toward the end of 2018 with this blog. I’ve always wanted to start a blog and I’ve always wanted to connect with other like-minded people, but I was afraid of what people would think. I was afraid of being made fun of or not having people be interested in what I have to say. Putting your thoughts and opinions online for the world to accept or reject is a big step and especially big for me because I usually keep to myself. This year I will be authentically and unapologetically me and I will stand by the decisions I make and I will step outside of my comfort zone. This year I will put myself out there and stop being afraid of being myself.

Sticking to resolutions helps when they are written down, hung somewhere you can see them, or made into a vision board 🙂 Let’s hold each other accountable and make sure that we help each other reach our goals. What are your resolutions for 2019??


  1. January 3, 2019 / 9:04 am

    I also want to read more books this year because I only read 2 in 2018! Also, I have a few beauty goals I uploaded recently. Want to be consistent with blogging and grow my blog 🙂

    • January 3, 2019 / 11:57 am

      Yeah I read 5 but I got a bunch of books for Christmas so I have a lot of options! But I’ll have to check out your post!!!

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