The Ultimate Guide to Lululemon

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are all crushing your goals for the new year and because a common resolution is to get back on track physically, I thought this would be a great time to drop a boat load of knowledge about the brand I work for and the brand I love, Lululemon.

So if you are reading this, then I’m going to assume that your love for Lululemon brought you here, but if you are unfamiliar with the brand then sit back, relax, and get ready to learn all about why you need these clothes in your life…

Because this is going to be jam-packed full of goodies, I want to get started. By the end of this, I feel confident that you will be able to walk into a Lululemon store and know what you’re looking for, but most importantly know why you are picking the products that you are based on your workout preference.

So when I first walked into a Lululemon store, saying I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. What does a size 2 shirt convert to? What is the deal with this pant wall? What is a “Naked” sensation? AHHH. If this sounds familiar to you, keep reading. So let’s break it down and start with sizing.


In most stores, sizes range from 2-12 in both pants and shirts for women. In bottoms, you should choose your normal pant size. I recommend not sizing up because they may loosen up as you wear them and then you’ll spend all your time hiking them up and ain’t nobody got time for that! Especially during a workout!

Sizing for tops is easy once you know what size each number equates to. So, size 2 is an XXS, 4=XS, 6=S, 8=M, 10=L, 12=XL. When you are picking your size in our tops, I wouldn’t say there is one right answer like for our pants. Our tops, jackets, sweaters, etc. all have different fits so you may be a size up or a size down depending on how you want it to fit.

Bra sizing is the last of the sizing that you must know. When searching for a bra, it is important to remember that size 6 is equivalent to a size 34 band. Once you know that you can easily figure out what size you should grab because you either go up (8=36, 10=38) or you go down (4=32, 2=30). The bras have varying levels of coverage so you may be different sizes depending on that!

Let’s move on to sensation. What does that mean? And what do the different sensations feel like on the body?


So when it comes to sensations, your options include: Tight, Hugged, or Naked. The sensation affects how the product feels on your body and the sensation that it mimics (duh 🙂 ).

Tight is going to be your highest compression legging. I’ve never personally tried a pair of tight sensation leggings on before, but I’ve been told that you have to put them on like you would pantyhose. So those bad boys are TIGHT.

Next, we’ve got your hugged sensation, which is exactly what it says, it mimics the feeling of a hug. These are the next level down from tight and they offer you a medium compression. I love hugged leggings when I run or do any kind of cardio workout, because I like to be held in.

Lastly, we’ve got the Naked sensation, which you guessed it, makes you feel naked! So, I love leggings that have a naked sensation when I’m doing hot yoga because well, I want to feel naked and not feel like I have a ton of material on my body.


This is probably the most important section of this whole post, because once you know the fabrics of those leggings that you know and love, you will be able to shop like a pro. Lululemon created fabrics for different types of workouts, whether that be cardio or high intensity, to more studio type workouts. Once you know the intention behind the fabric, you will be able to get the leggings that are perfect for your life!

1. Luon

This is your go-to fabric for studio workouts. This kind of fabric is buttery soft, breathable, sweat-wicking and delicate. This fabric is meant to be used in lower intensity style workouts because of how delicate it is. If you take a pair of luon leggings running they will slowly start to pill between your thighs and wear away.

2. Luxtreme

Now if you are a cardio queen or prefer working out in a more intense way then you will love our leggings in our Luxtreme fabric. This fabric is crisp or cool to the touch, and still offers the sweat-wicking feature as the luon fabric but it doesn’t create friction, making them perfect for cardio. These also would be your go-to fabric if you go to the gym and lift weights because the barbells won’t cause the fabric to pill or snag if it hits it.

3. Everlux

During my training, I was educated about this fabric like this…”if luon and Luxtreme had a baby, it would be everlux.” So this is your catchall fabric. It was created for that person who loves to do it all. You can wear these to the gym and then hit up a yoga class.

Those are our basic overarching fabrics and knowing those will have you weaving through the pant wall like a pro. Because I love what people tell me they like to wear for certain workouts, I thought I’d share my go-to pieces of product that I wear when I workout.


Speed Up in Luxtreme

I love the speed-ups and they come in Luxtreme fabric which is the perfect fabric for spinning, running, etc. They have pockets which I love because I like running on the trail, and have to put my phone and keys somewhere. These come in the hugged sensation, which I like because I want to feel held in while running. There is also the Fast and Free‘s which are a Naked sensation if you are more into that!

I love this bra because the straps in the back lie flat against my back, which I just find super comfortable. If I’m ever lying on my back doing abs, this bra is perfect cause there is no digging in!

This tank top is awesome because it has special body mapping so there is more breathability in areas where you typically sweat more! Lululemon has the swiftly line in tank, short sleeve and long sleeve form, so you’ll be able to find exactly what you prefer!

Hot Yoga:

So I haven’t tried pilates or barre before, but if I were to do either I would wear similar products that I wear to hot yoga.

First off, these pants are AMAZING and you need them in your life! Second, these are my absolute favorite pants for hot yoga. They give you that Naked sensation like I mentioned above and they form to my body perfectly. If you are a yogi or just want a comfy legging to wear around the house, get these! If you like a more hugged sensation, then definitely try out Wunder Unders in the luon fabric. (Wunder Unders come in both Luxtreme and luon, so make sure to read the hangtag, so you know you’re getting the right one!).

Power Y Tank

This Power Y Tank is ideal for that no fuss person who doesn’t need all the fancy straps going on. There is a built in bra so one less thing you have to worry about. It fits pretty snug to the body, so it doesn’t distract you from your practice.

Okay, there you have it. Now go forth guys and gals and shop the crap out of Lululemon stores everywhere! 🙂

If you’ve tried Lululemon, tell me what you love, what you hate, what you wear for what, etc. I would love to know your favorite products!

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